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The expertise, training and process/project consulting.

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Help your customers find you online

Occupy leading positions in search engines when searching from any device types, find themselves on online maps, sign in to the profile directories, optimize your pages so that the brightly stand out in social networks at the mention.

Control the budget and the impact of online marketing

Identify and track targets: registrations, calls, customer acquisition channels.

Learn to evaluate training in SEO, contextual advertising, content managers and content-masters

Ask the right questions, specialists otseivajte incompetent and potentially dangerous for your site before starting work.

Determine the positioning and target audience

Show your clients that needs to learn the necessity of a target market segment and the position of its rivals on it.

Online consultation
Consultation takes place through Skype, Google Hangouts, Sococo or another Messenger with text, audio and video communication.
The cost of the first 30 minutes: 3000 rubles.
Next: 2000 rubles per every half hour.
Exit counseling
In cases where personal presence is necessary in view of the information security requirements and other circumstances.
The cost of the first two hours: 11000 rubles.
Next: 2000 rubles per every half hour.

Useful tip # 1

To get the best value from consultation to better indicate the themes and details in advance, as well as to prepare a list of interesting questions.

Helpful tip # 2

Do not hesitate to ask questions as when recording for a consultation, and during it. There are no stupid questions, are not defined and therefore unanswered.

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