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Pavel Karpov SEO Expert, Digital Marketer
More than 14 years of experience
Pavel Karpov, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert

Control of analytics

Adjust tracking of the goals, events, actions committed by visitors to your site. Learn to understand – which of the metrics do have value for you, find out how you can influence them, begin to control.

Control of contractors

Identify the key points, on which you should pay attention to in your particular case, when working with an external contractor, who is responsible for promoting your website. Save your money from loss and your site from falling under the sanctions of search engines.

Control over costs

Analyze your own advertising budget, identify items, the cost of which may be reduced.

Learn how you can optimize the conversion funnel and increase the number of customers.

Inbound Certified
Certified Bitrix Marketing Specialist
Certified Google Analytics Specialist
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