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When you need to conduct a site audit?

Site audit is required in the following cases:

  • it is planned to start promoting your site and you want to avoid unnecessary risks and expenses;
  • getting ready to launch a new version of the site, and you want to avoid falling traffic;
  • website promotion does not produce the expected results;
  • the site came under sanctions of search engines;
  • need to reduce costs on promotion;
  • high attendance but low conversions (purchases, registrations, etc.).

The audit includes the analysis and detailed technical specification (terms of reference) on the following items:

Internal technical analysis of the website.

  • Eliminating duplicate content.
  • Formation of robots.txt.
  • Formation of the URL at the website.
  • Optimization of pagination.
  • Analysis of the internal link structure of the website.
  • Organization of the internal links.
  • Testing different types of pages on indexation in the search engines.
  • Analysis of external links placed on the website.
  • Analysis of JavaScripts, Flash.
  • Formation of XML sitemap.
  • Formation of HTML sitemap.
  • Optimization of the status and content of the 404 error page.
  • CSS and JavaScript optimization.
  • Testing the stability of the site.
  • Analysis of the hosting.
  • Analysis of the availability of the target pages for the search engines.

Internal analysis of the content of the website.

  • Preparation of meta-data for the pages.
  • Organization of the correct headers structure.
  • Checking content for uniqueness.
  • Optimizing images for the search engines.
  • Optimization of breadcrumbs.
  • Using microformats.
  • Integration with social networks.

Configuring of web analytics for the website.

  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager code on the site.
  • Implementation Google Analytics code through the GTM.
  • Installation of the tracking of sales in the Google Analytics Ecommerce.
  • Installation of the event tracking in Google Analytics.
  • Implementation of the separate profiles for different types of traffic.
  • Goals setting.
  • Analysis of errors provided by Google Search Console services.

Basic recommendations for usability.

The final list of items depends on the type of the website and, in general, contains analysis and recommendations on:

  • User experience (personalization, registration, pricing, content responsiveness, accuracy of information, etc.);
  • Homepage (contacts, calls to action, privacy policies, content, etc.);
  • Accessibility / understandability of information (navigation, illustrations, active elements, etc.);
  • Search (availability, quality, location, etc.).

Terms and cost.

20 days
920 USD

What is required from the employer for conduct a full audit?

  1. access to Google Search Console is not below the "full access";
  2. delegate access to Yandex.Webmaster (in case if you have interest in Russian Search Engine);
  3. access of "Edit" level to your Google Analytics account;
  4. access of "guest-full access" level to counter Yandex.Metrika;
  5. access of "Publish" level for Google Tag Manager container if it is already installed on the website;
  6. all possible assistance and answers to questions.

It’s OK if you don’t know such words as: Google Search Console, Yandex.Webmaster and other of the above-mentioned list. Just email or call me at +7 (915) 371-46-36 and we will deal with everything.

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